Frail or not, everyone benefits from exercise!

Researchers in this paper have looked at both frail and physically stronger seniors and proven that exercise programs are of benefit to all. 

It makes sense of course, but sometimes people think that, for those who have become frail, its too late: that's just not true. That's proven in some good residential care homes where gyms and active exercise programs are encouraged for all residents (yes, there are some great initiatives out there!)  In these forward-thinking care homes, plenty of previously frail residents enjoy great benefits from gyms -  but its always excellent to have the research to back up.

People who continue to stay active into their later years, or who work to regain lost strength no matter their condition to begin with, benefit in so many ways - physically, cognitively and socially. But never forget that eating good protein food along with getting the exercise, and getting enough to assist in maintaining or regaining muscle strength, must also be part of that plan.

This research just proves again that it's never, ever too late!