An excellent but sobering article from Prof Joe Ibrahim on the Royal Commission into Aged Care

This article in The Conversation is both sobering and insightful.

There are many aged care homes doing great work and there is an army of aged care workers who are committed to providing compassionate, empathetic care to our wonderful elders. Aged care staff are awesome people who often endure challenging work conditions to give care to the most vulnerable in our society. Unfortunately, the system too often lets both aged care workers and residents down.

When it comes to food, if residents are not achieving ‘adequate nutrition and hydration’, that means an aged care home fails accreditation. But its more than that - it is surely abuse by neglect? Achieving adequate nutrition and hydration takes BOTH good food AND enough staff with enough time and resources to make sure that food is eaten. Good chefs are of benefit of course, but dietitians are essential to ensure that food makes it into the mouths needing it.

The RC may be too late for many now in care as Prof Joe suggests, but the many, many wonderful people who work in aged care never give up doing the best for residents, despite the challenges the current system imposes at times.