Avoiding over-treating diabetes in those with dementia

New research confirms what I say in the book and what many in aged care support wholeheartedly - that the risks of tight control of blood glucose in people with dementia outweigh benefits. Too often, older people who have both dementia and diabetes are encouraged to aim for blood glucose (and the 'long term blood glucose test', the HbA1c) levels that are only appropriate for those younger and not suffering cognitive decline.

Hypoglycaemia is of course potentially very damaging in older people with diabetes because it further impacts cognition and causes falls and subsequent injury, even death.

This research reported in the Diabetes Care journal confirms that people are being put at higher risk of hypoglycaemia by over-enthusiastic and inappropriate diabetes therapies. Click here to read the article.

Its always important with advancing age, that you or those you care for with diabetesreview how tight the control of your blood glucose levels needs to be. That's especially important for those with dementia and needs to be discussed with your doctor regularly to ensure that unnecessary treatment is avoided.

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