Dementia and weight loss

Living well by staying "just the way you are."

One thing that research shows is that its very common for unintentional weight loss to precede a diagnosis of dementia. Is that because undiagnosed dementia has been working in the background? Or maybe weight loss is caused by something else and it's that contributing to reduced brain fuelling and nutrient supply and that's a part of the picture? Maybe its something we just are not aware of.

We really don't know yet, but whatever the cause, it is vitally important once you are in your late 60s and beyond to be vigilant for unintentional weight loss. I discuss this in Chapter 5 of the book further but my advice is always:

"Be active and whatever your weight now, don't go losing any."

If you, or someone close to you does lose weight without intentionally embarking on a carefully planned exercise regime and eating a good high protein diet (the only safe way to lose weight in your later years), then you must look for causes and work to reverse that before it causes you harm.

Its not the same for younger people, but for those closer to 90 than 40, weight loss is not the great thing you might think by reading popular magazines and going on the latest highly publicised diet plan.

Stay active and eat well and you'll do best for your brain and your body!