High praise indeed for Eat To Cheat Ageing

Dr Joan Vernikos is the inspiring former director of Life Sciences at NASA. She recently read my book and sent me this fabulous letter of support:

"If you feel the need to do something about signs of creeping age, Ngaire Hobbins has the answers. Her new book Eat to Cheat Ageing is a treasure trove of ideas and state of the science information. It is not just about what, when, and how you eat but also helps you understand how food is crucial to all functions of the body not just its looks. What you eat in later life is basic to sleep, activity, appearance, mood, emotions, memory as well as your ability to react to change. It addresses all of these in simple language with stories. Boxes to highlight key points and case study examples underscore an issue with recipe ideas to guide you.

Eat to Cheat Ageing is a one-stop destination to guide you through the basics of the role of food in general and as you age specifically. Why should eating be any different as you age? Your smell and taste change. How you chew, sit and swallow as well as arm coordination impact whether you eat at all. Appetite, digestion and metabolism influence whether what you eat benefits or harms you. The critical role of movement, posture, exercise and sedentary lifestyle are addressed.

Most importantly it tackles the issue of food technology and processing. Its impact has changed the very nature of food and introduced harmful contaminants all in the name of preservation and taste enhancement. Read labels and look out for chemicals that are not food and how much salt and sugar are added.  Also ingredients you do not recognize. Hobbins places justified emphasis on choosing your food sources and preparation wisely. More than at any other time choose fresh.

Eat to Cheat Ageing is an easy read and a great resource to refer to often for anyone who wants to feel well."

Dr Joan is also an author of a number of fabulous books on ageing and productive longevity. Look her up here and especially get hold of "Sitting Kills, Moving Heals". It's an eye opener and full of all sorts of easy, everyday ways to boost your muscles and health.

Want to learn more about how you can cheat ageing?