Protein and exercise in the prevention of sarcopenia and ageing

I speak in both my books about the pivotal importance of protein and exercise to seniors - with and without cognitive concerns. There is plenty of research that supports my advice but here is an abstract of a new review of the published research in the area. It speaks about prevention of a condition called sarcopenia, which means muscle loss.

Sarcopenia reduces the body's ability to maintain its immune system and keep its organs functioning, as well as impacting the ability to get around safely and keep up the life we all hope for in our later years. This review suggests a protein intake of 1.4g/kg bodyweight per day, that means older adults need to eat significantly MORE protein than younger adults each day (they need about 1g/kg bodyweight per day). The reasons for that are explained in everyday language in my books, but as I always say: put a protein food at the centre of every meal and surround that with lost of different coloured foods and stay active and you will be doing well.

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