Simplistic health messages!

People like to have a bit of science with their health information, even if that science really has no connection, or is way too simplistic to be relevant to what is being promoted. So, as this abstract discusses, even though something like nutrition is about more than avoiding one food or group of foods (its about variety, moderation and in the case of older people, ensuring activity and protein to maintain muscle), people are happier to be convinced that all they need to be healthy is to cut out sugar, or eat no meat, or eat mostly meat, or eat no gluten, or drink only juices or whatever is the latest, greatest idea...... The problem is that simplistic messages (in this abstract termed 'reductive") are easy to grasp even if they actually do little good. People are so interesting!

The full paper isnt available till later in the year, but the summary is here:…/article/pii/S0010027716301585

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