Stop listening to most popular health advice

People need to realise two things:

Living longer imposes unique challenges on our bodies - we need to find ways to get an extra 20 or so good years from our bodies and brains. And we need to counter the wear and tear that accumulates with each passing day of those years.

"I wrote Eat To Cheat Ageing because I got so frustrated with seeing older people who were malnourished, struggling physically and mentally, just because they were eating what they thought was right for them – doing things frequently recommended in popular magazines and in health forums like eating less meat and dairy, reducing the fat they ate, trying to lose weight, maybe even fasting regularly. But these things, that may well be great for people much younger, instead contribute to physical and mental decline in older people. Seeing such unnecessary decline is a tragedy I want to see averted."

So what to do?

"In a nutshell it's a matter of boosting your muscles which play a huge part in keeping both your body and brain going, and doing all you can to counter the wear and tear. That means eating a protein food at each meal along with doing activity to boost your muscles AND eating as many different coloured foods as you can in every meal to boost antioxidants. Of course there's a lot more to the picture or it wouldn't need a whole book, but doing just those two will be doing your body and brain a favour."

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