Book: The Telomere Effect

Here is an international book The Telomere Effect, by Nobel Laureate Elizabeth Blackburn, confirming what I say in both my books: "Eat To Cheat Ageing" and "Eat To Cheat Dementia."

This, by an exceptional scientist, discusses changes in cells contributing to ageing but in practical terms what she says are the same as I do in my books:

  • Eat food as close as possible to its original form - less 'processed' foods cause less cell damage it seems.

  • Eat foods with good oils - fish, nuts, seeds, olive oil.

  • Eat plenty of coloured vegetables and fruits.

  • Then get good exercise, sleep well and give your brain some down time.

It's sensible advice from a professional who has spent years in research. Check this book out, or get hold of mine. Worth a read.

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