Here's what Ngaire's collaborators have to say about working with her

Ngaire Hobbins Testimonials COTA Tasmania

Deb Lewis, COTA TAS

March 2017

"Ngaire has the great skill of being able to engage an audience from the very start of a presentation.  Her extensive knowledge and relaxed style allow her to reach diverse audiences with a critical health and wellbeing message.  Information that could be complex and dense becomes a clear, engaging and actionable.

Ngaire’s presentations are thought and talk provoking.  Questions and answers, conversations and personal exchanges flow freely after every event.

I have heard Ngaire speak on many occasions and I never fail to come away with a new level of understanding about how my body works, my health  and how I can age well.  I recommend Ngaire highly as a presenter, communicator and advocate."

Ngaire Hobbins Testimonials Appetite Communications

Andrea Mortenson, Appetite Communications

May 2017

"I have recently reconnected with Ngaire as colleagues after many years and have been delighted to work with her on one of Appetite’s innovative communication projects. Ngaire’s passion for helping people beat ageing by eating well is contagious. As a creative thinker and an exceptional communicator, she can translate the science of nutrition into meaningful and practical healthy eating and lifestyle tips that will make a real difference to people’s lives.  She has been a joy to work with and interview for online health professional communications with her natural warmth and passion shining through."

Andrew Larpent, CommonAge

Feb 2017

"I am Chairman of CommonAge and have recently moved back to the UK from Australia after 5 years as CEO of Southern Cross Care (SA&NT).  I was first Chairman of Dignity in Care Australia and am a Winston Churchill Fellow (UK), having undertaken my Churchill fellowship in 2010/11.  

Ngaire Hobbins is a highly regarded professional in her field of advancing the importance and life enhancing benefits of good nutrition for older people.  She is a successful author having published two books “Eat to Cheat Ageing” and “Eat to Cheat Dementia”.  

Ngaire is respected as one of Australia’s leading experts in nutrition for the elderly.  She has undertaken deep study in this area and established a commanding reputation.  Her well-developed interpersonal skills and depth of knowledge of her subject positions her with ideal potential to make an outstanding enhanced contribution to promoting the health and wellbeing of older people."

Kathy Mason M.Ed MACA (NP), Education Manager Alzheimer's Australia Tas

July 2017

"Ngaire, a speaker and presenter extraordinaire. So knowledgeable and compassionate about the diet and health of our elderly, especially those living with Dementia.  I have been in the audience when Ngaire has been presenting about the benefits of eating to cheat aging, I was thoroughly captivated with her engagement and knowledge. Ngaire is also charming, and easy to understand.

I wish her well in the launch of her new book…