About Ngaire Hobbins

Ngaire Hobbins is an international authority on nutrition, ageing, brain health and dementia.
She is a writer, educator, speaker and aged care consultant.

Get to know Ngaire Hobbins - dietitian, writer, consultant.

Ngaire is an expert in nutrition for older adults, in eating to reduce dementia risk and is skilled in sharing the science of nutrition, ageing and brain health with everyday people.  

Ngaire is a fully qualified, medically trained dietitian passionate about helping people get the best from life and age well.

With a deep appreciation of the benefits and pleasures of real food, Ngaire is intent on alerting adults, especially those approaching, or already embracing their later years to their unique nutritional needs.

Most people - whether they're frail or fighting fit - are unaware that public health messages which are ideal for younger adults can instead be unhelpful, even harmful, for those entering their senior years. Ngaire is driven to raise awareness of the nutritional needs of ageing to ensure older people can thrive instead of experiencing unnecessary and avoidable physical and mental decline.

Ngaire's books skilfully translate the science into everyday language and offer sensible, practical advice.

Ngaire is an engaging and informative speaker and communicator, presenting locally and internationally to both lay and professional audiences, and is considered an authority in nutrition, ageing and brain health.

Ngaire is also one of a committed group working to ensure that the frail elderly, often in assisted care, have food that enriches their lives. She holds or has held a number of advisory roles in this area including:

  • Expert Advisory Group on Food, Nutrition and the Dining Experience: Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission
  • Expert Reference Group, Diabetes Australia: diabetes in older adults
  • National Congress on Food and Nutrition in Aged Care Working Party

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My books and presentations deliver the science of nutrition, ageing, brain health and dementia risk reduction in everyday language.
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