Ngaire Hobbins
Writer, speaker, educator on food, ageing, brain health


International authority on nutrition for aged-care

Ngaire is an Australian dietitian, whose passion is in supporting older adults to enjoy vital, independent lives through nutrition. Whether frail or fighting fit, living with dementia or learning about cognitive decline, Ngaire provides recipes, recommendations and research to empower and enrich your senior years.


About Ngaire

Discover Ngaire's passion for raising awareness of the unique nutrition needs of adults over 65, and her commitment to helping them eat to cheat ageing and cognitive decline.

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Books by Ngaire

Ngaire has written 2 books dedicated to physical and brain health for over 65s:

Eat To Cheat Ageing

Eat To Cheat Dementia

 and has also co-authored a cookbook on dementia risk reduction for people of all ages:

Better Brain Food - Eat To Cheat Ageing and Cognitive Decline 

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Educational Blog

Everything you need to know about how to harness the power of whole food and a balanced, age appropriate diet to cheat ageing, dementia and other types of cognitive decline.

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