Ngaire Hobbins: writer, public speaker, educator & aged care consultant.

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Meet Ngaire

Ngaire Hobbins is an international authority on nutrition, ageing, brain health and dementia and an aged care consultant.

Writer, speaker, educator in nutrition, brain health, dementia risk reduction and living to age well. Ngaire is an Australian accredited practising dietitian.

About Ngaire

Work With Ngaire

Ngaire is especially skilled at presenting the complex science of nutrition, ageing and brain health in everyday language.

Healthy Ageing Services

Ngaire has an extensive knowledge of the unique nutritional requirements as well as a deep understanding of the needs and issues faced by adults moving out of middle age into their later years.

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Public Speaking

With over 40 years in food and nutrition, Ngaire is known as an engaging, informative and entertaining speaker that talks in the language of everyday people and provides sensible, practical guidance.

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Brain Body Food - The Ultimate Guide To Thriving Into Later Age

Ngaire provides a wealth of sensible, practical advice everyone can follow, including those already facing cognitive issues or chronic ill health.

This book represents Ngaire’s passionate response to decades of frustration seeing far too many people facing avoidable physical and cognitive incapacity that can so easily snatch away independence.

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Learn from Ngaire

Iron supplements might impact gut bacteria

August 24, 2022

This review of research on iron supplementation and gut health suggests caution is warranted: taking a supplement prescribed to correct a diagnosed deficiency is often medically necessary, but without diagnosed deficiency, iron supplements might instead harm our vital beneficial gut bacteria.

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Prevent delirium - Eat, Walk, Engage

April 22, 2022

Delirium is very common during hospital admissions for older people - it greatly increases the challenges faced in caring for people and reduces their chances of going home promptly

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Parkinsons Diet resources

April 11, 2022

April is Parkinson's Disease (PD) Awareness Month, and if you live with PD and are in your late 60s or beyond, combining what's best for you as you age with what you need to manage PD is vital to living the best life possible into later age.

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an Apple a Day does help keep the doctor away!

April 5, 2022

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away" may be an old saying but it has plenty of truth to it. Apples contain a variety of phytochemicals which have excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

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Could Full Cream Dairy foods PROTECT, instead of harm, your heart and health?

November 6, 2021

Far from being the heart disease negative we have heard full cream dairy foods to be, Swedish researchers think a higher intake of dairy fat might instead be protective.

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Talking Brain Body Food on Gardening Australia

October 19, 2021

Enjoy the footage of my segment on Australia's extremely popular program Gardening Australia, on ABC TV. It went to air on ABC TV on Friday, October 15th.

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