Better Brain Food

Better Brain Food is my cookbook, combining dementia risk reduction knowledge with 70+ beautiful recipes by Michelle Crawford.
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About The Book

Better Brain Food presents the science of dementia prevention, nutrition and cognitive health with 70+ beautiful recipes.

Better Brain Food is for adults of all ages providing vital insights into living and eating through the years to boost brain health.

Chapters include:  Feeding your brain; Understanding your brain; Eating to prevent dementia; Gut Health and more

Beautiful recipes range from snacks and light meals, to more substantial offerings and even desserts, and include a section of recipes suitable to make for just one or two people.

They include: Middle Eastern Fried Eggs; Turmeric Roast Chicken; Roasted carrot, Yoghurt and Tahini dip; Red Potato and Ricotta Pancake; Savoury Granola; Winter Caesar salad with Walnuts and many more.

Naturally they are all based on the nutrition advice given in the book.

If you are in the US, ask your bookseller for Brain Food - its the same book with a US title.

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“Not only is it informative, and up to date with latest research, but it is also a pleasure to browse through sections at leisure … It is a beautiful book to browse, but more importantly, it is inspirational in its ideas and support."

— Blue Wolf Reviews on Better Brain Food

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