Brain Body Food

Brain Body Food, written by Ngaire Hobbins, is your ultimate guide to thriving into later life and reducing your dementia risk.
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About The Book

It presents the complex science of nutrition, ageing and brain health in Ngaire’s engaging, reader friendly style - all so you get to live the best life possible in the years ahead.

It includes topic such as

  • what to eat to age well;
  • how does ageing affect nutrition needs;
  • how to reduce dementia risk;
  • how to boost brain health;
  • how to maintain muscle as you age;
  • what foods are best to age well;
  • how to support a healthy gut microbiome; how diabetes is different in older age;
  • why the message after 70 is don't lose weight!; and much more.

Brain Body Food updates and significantly expands the content of previous books - Eat To Cheat Ageing and Eat To Cheat Dementia, bringing these books together into one guide to thriving into later life and reducing dementia risk.

As always, written in my engaging, reader-friendly style.

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“There is so much for us to learn about ageing well; I have such a belief that its totally within our grasp to make the most of the years given to us but also believe we have to arm ourselves with the knowledge of what will help us along the way. Immerse yourself in Ngaire’s book and be aware of the difference that the right food can do for our bodies and for the pleasure in our life in being active and connected." Maggie Beer AM

— Maggie Beer AM, on Brain Body Food

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