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My segment on Gardening Australia October 15th 2021

Sharing time in my garden talking the joys and benefits of gardening to body and brain with Tino Carnevale for ABC TV's Gardening Australia

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Coffee with a protein bonus

Many of us love a good cup of coffee!

For anyone who needs a bit of extra protein in their day then, boosting the protein in your cuppa - tea or coffee - is an ideal way to get that boost.

This is a recipe for adding a bit of extra nutrition to every sip.

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Channel 9 news dementia risk reduction

I was interviewed by Channel 9 news about dementia risk reduction.

Everything I say is covered in Brain Body Food of course!

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Studio 10 on Channel 10 TV Dementia Risk Reduction

I had a chat from my kitchen with Studio 10 Sydney about dementia risk reduction and Brain Body Food

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Ice cream with a protein punch

Everyone loves ice cream, right?

For someone struggling to eat well, it's often a go-to selection, so boosting the nutrition in every joyful mouthful is a bonus.

Here is a simple way to boost the protein content of your favourite ice cream.

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Brain Body Food

Nutrition needs of seniors are not the same as younger people. Dietitian Ngaire Hobbins shares her passion for older adults and discusses nutrition to age well and reduce dementia risk.

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Protein Packed Porridge

3 minutes of simple ways to pack protein into your Oatmeal Porridge.

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10 grams of protein in foods

Learn more about my 10 grams of protein in foods segment.

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