Could Full Cream Dairy foods PROTECT, instead of harm, your heart and health?

November 6, 2021

Far from being the heart disease negative we have heard full cream dairy foods to be, Swedish researchers think a higher intake of dairy fat might instead be protective.

The researchers analysed the scientific literature and combined that with their own work which followed the health of more than 4000people of about 60 for 16 years: they compared the levels of substances in the blood indicating the intake of dairy fat to whether they developed (or died of)heart disease during that time. The people whose blood indicated they ate higher amounts of dairy fat had lower CVD (cardiovascular disease) risk than those who ate less, those with levels indicating moderate (as opposed to low)intakes of dairy fat were less likely to have died from any cause.

They conclude that further study is needed before you can anticipate your doctor prescribing cream in your coffee to avoid heart disease! But this is another study that seems to support the benefits of enjoying foods with the least possible change from their original form.  

Read the original paper here:

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