Prevent delirium - Eat, Walk, Engage

April 22, 2022

Delirium is very common during hospital admissions for older people - it greatly increases the challenges faced in caring for people and reduces their chances of going home promptly

This article discusses the issue of delirium and proposes an excellent plan to reduce the very negative impact of delirium in hospitals.

The authors willingly accept that the “simple” or “fundamental”’ cares they propose – good nutrition and hydration, graded mobility and exercise, and meaningful social and cognitive engagement – are not always easy to deliver in busy acute care wards. They require a person-centred approach, cooperation between multiple disciplines, improvement skills and advocacy, and often need an extra pair of hands. But the use of EatWalkEngage nearly halved hospital-acquired delirium and that is of huge benefit: it is so much better for patients, helps them return home faster and greatly reduces the time and resources involved in the care of patients.

It is commonsense really to me, but its so good to have research to back up what many health professionals already innately believe to be beneficial in care.

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