High Quality Protein Reduces The Negative Effects Of Inactivity

October 21, 2019

High quality protein reduces the negative effects of inactivity.

I talk a lot about protein and rightly so. But this study is really important because it shows that improving the quality of the protein eaten can help you avoid the potentially disastrous consequences of inactivity in older people.

When you have experienced an accident of illness, you rightly need a time of rest. It’s always not easy to get up and about and that is a problem because you lose muscle while you lie there.

So it is good to know that eating quality protein food can help even without exercise. It doesn’t take the place of exercise - that still has the greatest impact, but it certainly seems to help you recover muscle strength after a period of inactivity. This study used whey, which is a protein from milk and is widely available commercially as a powder which can be made into a drink or, if it doesn’t have its own added flavour, can be added added to usual foods or drinks.

That doesn’t mean by any stretch that you should avoid getting up and about as fast as you possibly can, but it does help to know that what you eat can help as well.

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