Maintaining Health During COVID Times

June 3, 2020

Maintaining health and capacity in COVID times: a webinar recording

I’m happy to share with you this recording of the HUR AUSTRALIA COVID 19 WEBINAR in which I presented recently with a panel of experts - offering the latest research along with practical advice on what to do to give you the best chance of coming out of COVID restrictions with your health and capacity intact.

In this recording, each speaker presents for about 15 minutes with extra time for questions. I’m on second talking nutrition of course, with the other speakers covering exercise science, home exercise and health in isolation .

The webinar was organised by Hur Australia,  a company I was happy to donate time to for this webinar because they produce beautiful exercise equipment specifically designed to support the rehabilitation and fitness needs of seniors  - from the fit and active to those of advanced age experiencing physical challenges - and through that, Hur helps older adults across Australia and worldwide. Read more about HUR Australia here.

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