Research Supports Food As Medicine In Early Dementia

April 28, 2021

Exactly what I say in Brain Body Food

It's always great when the research continues to support what is well known by dietitians working in aged and dementia care.

In all my presentations and writings - especially in Brain Body Food, I put the case for recognising and supporting the unique nutrition needs of older adults and those living with a dementia diagnosis. Eating to support body and brain, engaging in life as much as possible, learning and staying active are the keys to living the best life possible as discussed in detail in my books.

So, it is fabulous to hear that same message in scientific wording in this paper from an excellent group of world renowned academic researchers!.

To quote these researchers in the conclusion to this article: “The most perfectly designed pharmacological intervention will always fail if the fundamental basis of healthy living (i.e., social network, physical activity, healthy diet) are weak.”

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