Strengthen Immunity Along With Your Brain: Colours Surrounding Protein At Every Meal

May 15, 2020

My most recent book might focus on dementia risk reduction, but eating for your brain also supports your body, including your immune system. The recipes and advice here also help you fight illness and to recover if you do become unwell.

My most recent book is about dementia risk reduction, but all its eating advice also applies to giving your immune system the resources it needs to help you fight and recover from illness: good to know in these times when COVID threatens the health of so many.

Researchers have found that any degree of malnutrition worsens outcomes in people who encounter COVID19 and that does make sense: you need to be able to bring in every resource possible to fight such a destructive virus. The food you eat and the air you breathe provide everything your body, brain and immune system need to keep you well, to help you fight illness and to assist in your recovery should you become ill.  

While the titles and focus of this book is on the brain, its recipes and guidance also support the rest of your body’s function, including that of your immune system.

Better Brain Food is the version available in Australia, the UK and beyond.

Brain Food is the version available in the USA.

Its also avaialable in the Czech republic as Strava pro zdravý mozek.

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