Look healthy!

You don’t have to look like you are starving yourself into ill health to be doing it.

The image of extreme frailty usually associated with malnutrition is actually the tip of the iceberg. Malnutrition is more common than you might think and very often it’s not physically obvious.

Obvious or not, it will do you harm - hampering wound repair, immune function, body organ maintenance and cognitive abilities.

You don’t even need to look thin in the first place– overweight can disguise malnutrition.

Unintentional weight loss of more than 5% of bodyweight (that’s 4 ½ kg lost if you were 90kg or 3k if you were 60kg ) is a danger sign. These are amounts you may not even notice in yourself or when looking at someone because clothes often cover up such seemingly small losses.

The other things I often hear and that are ‘red flags’ for me come in what people say about food, like:

  • “I just don’t feel hungry”

  • “I don’t need as much as I used to”

  • “I find some foods difficult to chew or swallow so I've cut them out”

  • “I'm full” after only a spoonful or two, or when the plate is only half finished.

If any of these ring a bell for you, or someone you love then don’t delay seeking advice. The book "Eat To Cheat Ageing" available here will help and you can also ask your doctor and read more on this website.

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