What you eat now is you in a few hours!

You might think your body is not changing much but nothing could be further from the truth!

In fact, pretty much every part of your body is under a constant renewal process - cells are retired and replaced all the time. Your whole liver is replaced - every cell of it - in a week, each red blood cell gets a 120 days and all your body muscle is renewed in 50 days.

That's a lot of protein to find - of course most comes from your food - it's in your muscles within hours of being eaten!

But anytime you don't get all you need from food - between meals, when you are unwell or fasting of for any other reason - it's drawn back out of your muscles: not a problem if you are young, active and eat well, but once you are older, if you do less activity, and if you don't get the protein you need, it's a big problem.

Professor Luc Van Loon of the Netherlands was in Australia recently to discuss this subject and let people know that dairy foods are a good source of the protein muscles need. You can read more here.

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